Sweater Weather.



I’ve been killing the sweater game lately! Rather it be with a skirt, leggings, jeggings, and of course my favorite; flare jeans. I love all the color options and it’s a perfect option when you’re stuck in the middle of the winter / spring transition. In South Carolina we have like 3 seasons in 24 hours , so I love the versatility of sweatshirts; too warm? Roll those sleeves up, too Cold? Roll them down! My favorite combo once it’s a little warmer in the spring is to pair them with a pair of shorts and a sporty pair of sneakers.




Sweatshirt: Charles Charlier x Fruit of the Loom (I purchased this sweatshirt through Rent the Runway).

Colorful sweatshirt options can be found here.

Purse: This Louie was Pre Loved and is from Tradesy . 

Jeans: I purchased this pair from a local store in Columbia but a similar pair can be found here . 

Boots: Dillards 

Shades: Tom Ford (purchased locally from Devine Eyes )







Photos by Ellie McPhoto



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