Holy City Chic: Shoes on King


Happy Tuesday Loves! Have you ever traveled to a place and fell in LOVE with a local store there?! You follow their IG page in hopes of someday returning to go shopping once you’re back in that certain town; that was totally me when I visited Shoes on King in Charleston, SC. Put it on your list of to dos next time you’re visiting the Holy City.  No matter if I’m traveling there for work or play, this local shop is always on my MUST list when I travel there. Check out their Instagram Here!


If you guys don’t already know, the power of social media is so real! I obviously follow Shoes on King’s Instagram and they have this amazing sale every year, maybe more often…(don’t quote me on that LOL). Anyway, I HAD to take advantage of the sale and unfortunately, I was traveling the weekend of the sale. I reached out and messaged them and within seconds I got a reply back asking for my contact information.
Soon after my inbox was flooded with pictures of shoes, kinda like a personal shopper, Ya know? All the shoes…and I mean all of them were so amazing but I narrowed it down to just two, especially since they were buy one get one free, it just made sense…DUH! The shoes were at my door as soon as I got back home from traveling, YAY! Shoes on King calls it “Brown Boxing” for the obvious reasons LOL. It was a first for me but it definitely won’t be the last, since I know they can ship to me, I’m always on scrolling through their feed *turns on post notifications* to see what I can snag (sale or not LOL).




If I’m not wearing heels I’m probably wearing sneakers so when I saw these cute flats by ALL BLACK (Kilty Perf Style), I had to have them! I love how comfortable they are, despite the pointed toe and I loved the retro inspired look they had. I paired them with a basic white tank and a pair of Joe shorts. To add to my look, I decided to go with a light jacket by Lilka from Anthropologie. Perfect outfit for summer time errand running, having lunch with a girlfriend, or if you’re like me… ice-cream dates LOL!


This amazing mural was created by Josef Kristofoletti (waterlines mural) is located at the corner of Main and Taylor Street in Columbia, SC, conveniently located across from Main Street Public House, see my favorite dish in a previous blog post here.


The distance between your dreams and reality is action.

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