So, I tried a Lymphatic Drainage Facial!

At this point, I feel like we’ve all heard of dry brushing and guasha. They’re both a no-brainer for me when it comes down to my self-care routine. I decided to step up my self-care game and try out a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Facial and it was an experience I didn’t know I needed!

Georgia, owner of Peche Skin Co. uses progressive rather than aggressive techniques to protect the skin barrier while keeping simplicity and effectiveness in mind. She is Advanced Face & Neck certified in the Vodder Technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, which she uses in her signature Manual Lymphatic Drainage facial. 

This specific facial is very relaxing….I literally fell asleep! MLD is performed along the lymphatic pathways along the face and neck to help move fluid to allow for better nourishment to the body giving a rejuvenation effect. This facial is truly for everyone!

A few things to enhance your facial experience:

Drinking lots of water!

Dry Brushing

Jade Roller




Natural Facelift

Reduce Stress

Drains out toxins

Helps to calm skin issues like rosacea and acne

This relaxing experience includes a mini facial plus a full face & neck Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage session. Using a light, rhythmic technique, “MLD” is performed along the lymphatic pathways of the face & neck to help move stagnant lymphatic fluid & the waste it carries to allow for better nourishment flow to the body’s loose connective tissues for a true rejuvenation effect. MLD is fantastic for any- and everyone but is especially beneficial for those with skin concerns like acne, eczema or rosacea, sinus issues, facial swelling or tenderness, under eye/ear puffiness, pre/post-cosmetic procedures and more.

You can check out Peche Skin Co here and book your Manual Lymphatic Drainage facial here.


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