On Sunday’s we get super cute and go to BRUNCH.





Sundays are my GYST day – if you’ve heard of this term kudos to you, if not you now have homework (in my teacher voice). I usually like to start my day early around 7 am, plan out my outfits for the school week, make a grocery shopping list to plan out my lunches, update my iCal, my weekly and monthly planner spread and of course church! The best part about all this is…I get it done before noon. Which is usually when some are rising up from bed because they had one too many the night before or they’re taking advantage of the fact that they’re off. Church for me usually consists of going to 8:45 service or streaming church live (my Mom hates when I decide on this option). Because I am done with all necessary adulting requirements before noon I usually spend the rest of my day doing some type of self-care, making day trips, or my favorite…BRUNCH!

I’m all for an all-black look when the wind chill feels like it’s negative and your girls are calling saying they’re on the way. I decide to go with faux leather leggings, a black knit sweater, and when all else fails…throw on a fur if you know me, you know the accuracy of this. – Forever rocking furs like it’s snowing in the south (in my Drake voice).

Fur  – ShadesBeltShoes – Knit Sweater 








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