Refresh Yourself: My Favorite Summer Salad!

Watermelon Feta Salad.


Is it seriously August already?

The summer is slowly passing by, but the summer fun doesn’s stop just yet. My love for all things summer is an understatement! With Columbia’s hot sticky weather, I am always looking for the latest refreshing food or drink. My new go- to side, snack, or appetizer is this watermelon salad. It’s super easy and tastes amazing, the perfect way to cool off in the summer heat!

Who said salads HAD to include lettuce?


The ingredients are listed below, but if you’re like me you just kinda go with the flow and throw everything together until it tastes good LOL.


Ingredients: 6 cups of cubed watermelon, ½ cup feta cheese, 1/3 cup fresh chopped mint leaves, 1 tsp. salt (optional), Lime juice (optional), Served Chilled.



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