Savannah Oh La La


Sooo my most recent trip was because of a flip of a coin via facetime with one of the broskis, heads (Savannah), tails (Columbia). Considering the title of this post I’m sure you already know what that coin landed on and where I spent my St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re familiar with Columbia, SC at all you know St. Patrick’s Day is everything in 5 points. But the luck of the draw caused me to venture out to explore alternative green festivities. Two and a half hours on the road, an uber, and a ferry later I was in one of America’s top cities.


Savannah is known for having one of the biggest celebrations in the country so I was excited to witness. The festivities start on the Friday prior to St. Patrick’s Day and continues until Sunday so there’s plenty to do! Each year the city expects over 300,000 people so expect long lines to get into any restaurant or bar but they offer wristbands for $10 that allow you to walk around with as much green beer as your heart desires.

River Street or the City Market are always an option if you desire a more chill option. Top Deck is a rooftop bar on the top level of the Cotton Sail Hotel. It’s a great spot to catch a sunset, catch some of the best views of the Talmadge Bridge, or people watch LOL. Eating at Co Sushi – Savannah is a must in any city (they have tons of locations), it was a must before I left the charming city. The PORK & GINGER GYOZA and HANOI NOODLES are life changing!


But let’s be honest here, I’m really just here because my outfit was everything, although I was a little nervous about those historic steps and cobblestone I made it! My Espadrille wedges are from Shoes on King in Charleston, SC ( by Kendall & Kylie). I purchased them last summer but they are available online here . My LV Brooklyn Bag was a lifesaver and conviently held my cell phone, keys, ID, and wallet. My vest was also super convenient for the day trip and can be found at target , who doesn’t love pockets?  The jeans are by PAIGE but can be found at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.


Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. ...

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