5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Hello Beauties! I know that right now life has us thinking WTF! Like most people we’re experiencing an unexpected shift in our work and home life. I’m working remotely myself from home and these are the things I’ve been utilizing everyday to keep my spirits up while maintaining the day to day commitments that life schedules us.


1. CourseraI’m taking the FREE course provided through Yale University called: The Course of Well Being. The teacher in me geeked out when I found out about this course. I am on week 3 and it’s really opened up my eyes about the science behind happiness, habits, and productivity. They have over 50 courses you can take and they’re totally online, and did I mention FREE? They do offer the option to get a certificate for less than 50.00 – hello career booster! Even if you decide to take the course and don’t get the certificate I think it’s worth a shot. 

2. Amazon Alexa’s Routine Feature: Ummm who knew about this and didn’t tell me? I love that Alexa can connect to my iCal. After my alarm goes off she reads off what I put in my calendar for the day and any reminders that I set. Being able to know what my schedule is like for the day before I even take a look at my phone or planner is a great start to any day. It’s like having a virtual assistant at home.

3. Vital Proteins Performance : I don’t know how I use to workout without it! When I tell you I can literally workout for hours, I’m not kidding! And with COVID – 19 keeping us non essential people home most of us could use the movement – not to mention we have TIME! I love the Passion Fruit Flavor, I simply mix it with water and drink it while I get all my other workout necessities together. Check out my favorite here.

4. Gratitude Journaling: I purchased mine from the hollisco but you can do this gratitude practice in any notebook or a note taking app. All you do is write down 5 things you’re grateful for and 10 dreams you plan on making come true in 10 years. When you write down your dreams you word them as if they’ve already come true. It’s scientifically proven that your brain doesn’t know the difference between the things you want and the things you already have.  For a more in-depth explanation of this practice you can check out Episode 72 of the RISE Podcast here !

5. Cube Timer: First of all this timer is the cutest! And who doesn’t love cute functional things. I use this timer for everything: social media time limits, meditations, journaling, and even exercising to name a few. Sure you have a timer on your phone…but if you’re anything like me you hardly ever pick up your phone just to set or stop a timer. It’s perfect for focused productivity without the distractions of calls, messaging or social media. I got mine from Amazon here. All you do is flip the cube to display the time you’d like to count down from and the timer will begin.




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