Cheers to the Weekend! It’s been a crazy busy week full of projects, work, and productivity. Regardless of the crazy week, I couldn’t be happier summer is in full swing.  As I prepare for a fun filled lake day, I wanted to share this look with you all  (for the obvious reasons).  I am obsessed with my top from Old Navy, regardless of the “hoodie” look, it’s super thin and can easily be worn in the summer and is perfect for the summer / transition that will be here before we know it. I’m usually cold in any and every restaurant I go to so this top is perfect for a casual lunch date or even movie night.

I have been living in these shorts from Loft lately; I also have them in a khaki color. They are seriously the most comfortable shorts ever. I’m the type of person to completely change out of my outfit into lounge clothes when I get home and when I wear these there’s no mid day outfit switch. I’m all about being cute and comfortable so purchasing these shorts were a no-brainer once I tried them on.

Top | Shorts | Shoes  ( Similar )







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