The Daily: Charlotte, NC




Ever been out of town and wanted something amazing to eat but had no guidance so you turn to your Yelp app and pray the place you choose is nothing less than satisfying?

The Daily thankfully didn’t disappoint, I literally spent 30 minutes trying to narrow down my brunch choice, I was torn between the roasted chicken club, the pot pie, the chop – chop, and the veggie bowl. Despite my indecisiveness, the one thing I knew I wanted for sure was the wings and of course a signature cocktail.  The wings were amazing and came with a side of pickled veggies that complimented the shareable well. When it came down to cocktails, everything seemed great so I went with the recommendations and I loved every sip.  Trust me, you need the Rebel – Rebel and G- Man in your life! Check out their brunch and dinner menu here.



Featured Drink: Rebel – Rebel




What I loved particularly about their vegetarian options was the fact that you could add a chicken or steak protein. I was pretty much sold on the chop – chop once I stalked their IG in search of a picture (am I the only one who does this lol ?) Needless to say, the chop -chop didn’t disappoint.



 Top to bottom: Roasted Chicken Club & the Chop – Chop. Don’t you just love when you friend chooses one the options you were contemplating? Double win because of course to try hers too, love it when a plan comes together!




Outfit Deets –  Romper : Target Earrings : Ivy & Leo Shades : RayBan

I mean, is there any other reason to travel than to eat?



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